Monday, 5 December 2011

Mraval Jamier - Questions and Pronouncements

Questions have been asked about the precise nature of the words for Mraval Jamier. This has prompted much consulting of ancient texts and academic research of the most prestigious kind and has resulted in the following presiding judgement:

Incantation (Verse) 1
Mraval jamier (and that's all there is for the first verse)

Incantation (Verse) 2
Ghmets mai i ne bos X2 (the vowel sound in bos is half-way between boss and boast)

Tsveni sitsostkhle (for the sound after sitso and before le (as in lay) just start with an s and chuck in as many consonants as you can in one glottal movement)

Incantation (Verse) 3
Mraval jamier (and that's all there is for the third verse)


An example of this in all its glory can be found at from the High Lords of all Spookyness themselves.

Many thanks to the learned Doctors of Spookyness and their diligent acolytes for their pursuit of the truth in deciphering and pronouncing on this important matter. Needless to say, their precise identity shall remain cloaked in secrecy to preserve the mystery and so as not to undermine their credibility as ordinary Blokes.

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