Friday, 10 August 2012

Where were you when? On a wall somewhere

Living up to his very well deserved nickname of "Absent Bob", globe trotting super archaeologist Bob B has once again struck with yet another entry to our T-Shirt competition.  Well done for managing to pack your TMAK47 kit and find a moment to persuade someone to take a quick snap.

We are fairly sure you can guess where he is when this was taken, the backdrop is the quite amazing Great Wall of China.  It looks a pretty hot day but Bob somehow manages to look cool out of the shade wearing his shades.

Anyway, the scores are in.

1. The Location - 4.0 (Quite spectacular, iconic, what more can we say?  However, despite being  a real pro at this and a past winner, the perennial problem of lack of visible signage.)

2. The Pose - 4.0 (Not bad, quite posed, a decent look of pointless grandeur)

3. The X-Factor - 4.0 - (Dark glasses, black T-Shirt and the Great Wall of China - top stuff)

Making that a total of 12.0 - by far the highest scoring entry from someone looking suitably menacing whilst standing on top of a world icon - can you beat this?

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