Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Where were you when? Toulouse Airport

Toulouse?  Too many puns to be had  but so little time when you are just about to get on to a flight home after a long holiday and clandestinely been wearing your T-Shirt all day waiting for an opportunity to sneak a photo whilst abroad.  And boy was it hot being in the southern part of France in June wearing a T-Shirt under a shirt and fleece, all in an effort to get round the crazy luggage restrictions on a particular low-cost airline.  The things people like Big Chief Instigator Neil B will do to save a bit of dosh!

Anyway, the scores are in.

1. The Location - 3.5 (Ok, not spectacular but being on a zebra crossing in the middle of a busy car park is impressive, if foolhardy, dedication to the cause. Quality signage brings the score up a point.)

2. The Pose - 4.0 (Reasonable impression of a look of pointless grandeur, although perhaps more "alarmed Brit abroad in middle of the road")

3. The X-Factor - 3.5 - (we'll give him an extra half point for striking a pose when there was a possibility of a car striking him - but not to be encouraged folks)

Making 11.0 - making this the highest scoring entry from someone looking particularly English whilst standing in a car park at a foreign airport - can you beat this?

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