Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Where were you when? The origins of Stonehenge

Here's a picture of one of our brethren, Dr Sweeney, at the foot of the Preseli Mountains in West Wales. This is where the first 'blue' stones of Stonehenge were hewn from the earth before being carted here to Wiltshire. 

The sign is at the only stone circle in the Presili range, and while the Dr felt magnificent in just his T-shirt, posing with as much pompous grandeur that the biting wind would allow, apparently there was a weird feel about the place...ooooohhhhhh. Look carefully and you will also notice a small horse about to leap from his shoulder.

Anyway, the scores are in.
1. The Location - 4.5 (Excellent visible signage despite some writing being in Welsh (aka Olde Englishe)).

2. The Pose - 4.5 (A good deal of pointless grandeur, especially considering he has had to peel off several layers of clothing to take the photo).

3. The X-Factor - 4.5 - (Given the significance of the location, the connection with an iconic Wiltshire landmark whilst wearing a TMAK47 T-Shirt).

Making that a total of 13.0 - by far the highest scoring entry from anyone with a horse escaping from his ear whilst standing next to a sign in Welsh.  More please.

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