Saturday, 10 November 2012

Who is Who?

In an sonic version of "Spot the Ball", someone who knows how to do these sort of things has put together a little mélange, a mash up (apparently, according to the young people) if you will, of two groups we know very well, both singing the same song.  

The song is very recognisable to those who know their "BlokeSong" classics but the question is "Who?", er, and the second question is "When does the first Who become the second Who"? 

Click here to play the piece.  Can you spot who is who?  Can you spot the join?

1) At what time in minutes and seconds to you think the join is

2) Who is singing first and who is singing second on this track, The Magnificent AK47 or the Spooky Men's Chorale?

3) Also interesting to ask which do you prefer and why?

Answers on an e-postcard to PO Box AK47, North North Wiltshire, or email


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