Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Blokes Night out to Men in General

Our attention has been drawn to an event that may be of special interest to regular subscribers, and even those occasional readers.  And yes, those particularly in the know may recognize a certain figure second from left - he is known around these parts as "Gorgeous Adrian" from Spooky Men's Chorale fame.

It turns out that Adrian is not only "an Spooky Man" but also member of a touring troupe of performing artistes known as Men in General and they will be presenting their very own show entitled A CAPELLA QUINTUPLETS.

According to the blurb (from the link at the bottom), the group is "bringing together members of the The Singing Sous Chefs and The Spooky Men’s Chorale, Men in General’s show combines precise and captivating vocal harmony with comedy presentation. These five ordinary lads sing Marvin Gaye, Rodgers & Hammerstein, Billy Joel, The Beach Boys and more.

Fast-moving and funny, this five-piece force of male vocal antics is not to be missed."  More info about the men in Men in General can be found at their website www.meningeneral.org.uk/.

They are performing at 7.30PM, FRIDAY, 8TH MARCH 2013 at KINGTON LANGLEY VILLAGE HALL, Box Office Tel: 01249 750362, http://www.klvh.org/

More information and booking for the few remaining seats can be found at the website for the very excellent looking Pound Arts Centre in Corsham, North Wilts at  http://www.poundarts.org.uk/touring - some of us look forward to seeing you there.

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