Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Oh what a night!

Well, what can we say apart from what a great night "A VERY Ashton Keynes Evening" proved to be!  It was an amazing community event, such a small village producing two highly entertaining but totally contrasting groups . . . very strange.

It was great to turn up to the School Hall mid afternoon to find it buzzing with activity with the performers beavering away to build the stage, lay out the tables and chairs and generally pitch in to get everything set up and ready for their unsuspecting audience.

Very soon the scene was set and the last latecomers in the audience had just settled into their seats when the blokes stormed the stage to the sound of "Let me through".  After a short set they were then followed by the lovely ladies looking very demure, polished and well dressed in total contrast to the great lumps of mis-shapen manhood that had just departed to the bar!

The sequence was reversed for the second half with the blokes finishing things off with a storming rendition of "Delilah" with full facial hairage as pictured above.

Full match report to come once the audio recordings have been processed to get them ready to post to the Interweb.

P.S. Thanks to Gilly R former Siren Sister singing along in the audience for the photos.

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