Sunday, 31 March 2013

Where were you when? Upside Down Under

Recently(ish) received from our far wandering minstrel, Alan H, he was snapped in the Land Down Under next to found this advertising hoarding on the outskirts of Sheffield. That's Sheffield, Tasmania. Unfortunately he couldn't attend, but in an effort to sway the judges he has at least tried to look as mighty as possible.

Whilst on his travels Alan has become aware of the great cult of the "Man Shed" that pervades Oz and he has been investigating this phenomena as manifested in the alarmingly professional Aussie men seem to have turned an impulse into a movement (if you'll excuse the expression).

Anyway, the scores are in
1. The Location - 4.0 (Good visible signage although technically it is more an advert for an event and not exactly where he is).

2. The Pose - 3.5 (A good attempt at mightiness and a reasonable degree of pointless grandeur, although it looks like he is rather hanging on to the sign post).

3. The X-Factor - 3.5 (It is always good to have an excuse to trot out "Down Under" clich├ęs, especially of a visual nature, and the comedy moment that is him having to hang on to the post for fear of falling off the Earth, but let's face it, the sign "does what it says on the tin" in a particularly straightforward, no nonsense Aussie way.

Making that a total of 11.0 - The highest score we have every had from someone in the "DownUnderworld" who has been clasping on to a post for safety.  Interestingly enough for our British based viewers you will notice evidence of something called "blue sky" and implication of "sunshine" and "being quite a nice warm day" by the fact that Alan is wearing just a T-Shirt whilst outside.  Ah, distant memories of what that might be like....

More please.

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