Saturday, 16 March 2013

The Blokehood

Normally we look forward to the blokes gathering together for a few manly moments amongst the humdrum mundanity of daily life, singing in harmony and passing comment on the chuffing awful weather.

Last Saturday a bunch of the blokes managed to overcome certain organizational short-comings and logistical challenges posed by such things as the main road between Malmesbury and Chippenham being closed because of an accident and having to trust satnavs in obscure parts of the countryside, and made it along to pay our respects to our recently departed member, Ken Brookes.

Here you can see most of the blokes gathered together before the ceremony that had most of us wiping our eyes with emotion.  Apparently one or two of the others present thought the blokes looked rather intimidating gathered on the side of the hill at the Burial location, somewhat like the brotherhood that the Blokes are.  Scary looking but a bunch of softies really.

With immense sensitivity and dignity Chris S lead  the following blokes 

Chris A, Peter B, Neil B, Nick B, Brian D, Mark F, Lars F, John G, Mike G, Stuart H, Martin H, Bill H, Darren S, David T, Ade W, and "not so new boys" Andy E and Jeff S

Who sang the following songs

Down in the River to pray
and a very emotional (Alone in my) Shed which can be seen at the YouTube stream of Ken's son, Sam.

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