Tuesday, 16 April 2013

New, improved BlokeFest.net

Wow! The fab, new, improved and especially blokey BlokeFest.net has just hit the streets, or the Information Super Highway to be more accurate.

It has been put together by those loverly chaps at BlokeFest and we would heartily recommend the whole business to anyone aspiring to find out more about the wonderful world of BlokeSong and looking for a great weekend.

It is a really smart looking site and has links to sign up for Tickets and BlokeFest Extras, which sound intriguing.  There are also some testimonials from last year saying how good it was and also a very informative (and frank) Frequently Asked Questions, and one or two that should need not be asked!  

Click over and nab a place before they all go - and tell them we sent you to http://www.blokefest.net/

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