Friday, 19 April 2013

Shen Xar + Georgian for beginners

A bunch of new tracks have just been uploaded to our Soundcloud Practice pieces for the material introduced at our Workshop on Sunday 14th April, the magnificence that is "Shen Xar".

Along with the pieces, which Chris S would like to point out are a little rough round the edges (but thought it was better to get something out so blokes could start practicing), there is also a recording explaining the pronunciation for all you non-native Georgian speakers, and can be found at  

Those wishing to learn more about the language might want to start their journey at good old Wikipedia with

Whilst here, you might be interested to wander further into the Internet to discover more about this piece.  A fine version that varies a little from our arrangement can be found at and another very genuine sounding and more similar version can be found at  And of course, The Spooky Men's Chorale, have a beautiful version that is available for your perpetual enjoyment via their "Tooled Up" CD, purchaseable from

"იხალისეთ მოგზაურობა" as we say in Georgia!

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