Saturday, 31 August 2013

Spookys on the Radio

Would you trust these men with your delicate lugholes and your BBC Licence money?  Rest assured they are out there somewhere, up to no good, but hopefully at a safe distance, but imagine the excitement for the Spooky fraternity when these marvelous chaps appeared on national radio not once, but twice in the same week!

First was their ground breaking performance on Radio 2's Folk Show hosted by Mark Radcliffe on Wednesday 14 Aug 2013.  The show notes can be found on the programme's BBC website but the replay facility has now lapsed.  (But read on . . .)

Next up, the very next day, the blokes performed on the In Tune show on Radio 3 and were interviewed Suzy Klein who mentions the "beautifully named" Magnificent AK47, thanks to our friends Nigel and Katie Holt, and acknowledged that "men who need to sing, can find a space in the UK to do so" - heart warming stuff.

Sad to say that the iPlayer no longer has the programmes but maybe you might find something of interest here.  Listen out for mention of The Magnificents at around 17:30 on the In Tune recording.

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