Sunday, 4 August 2013

Summer Holiday Homework

It maybe holiday season for many but it is also the "Spooky Summer of Love", full of singing low and high jinks to inspire the most laggard of blokes into thinking that perhaps they should stir from their deck-chair and rouse themselves to a bit of singing, especially some new stuff!

To this end a batch of new "Help-you-Rehearse-in-the comfort-of-your-own-home/car/shed/etc" has been released.  After the wild successes of BlokeFest 2013 we have THREE new pieces ready in the usual easy to digest formats:  Low + Mid + Top + All and various other combinations.  

The pieces are
  • A Gringo Like Me by Roger Jackson
    (opening plenty of cowboy / Indian hat opportunities)
  • Myfanwy arranged by Dave Stewart
    (no hat opportunities immediately spring to mind but there will be something!)
  • Norwegian Sailors Song arranged by sadly missed new Spooky Daddy, aka Ryan
Anyway, they can now be found on a newly updated Soundcloud at

Have a listen and familiarize yourself with them and we will see what develops post the Summer recess.

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