Friday, 13 September 2013

Pow Wow 2013

Pow Wow 2013 Prep

Dear Reader,

This is a long(ish) and possibly dull, but very important posting about setting up for the Pow Wow (AGM), so please read on.  

Pow Wow Agenda for 22nd September 2013 after the Workshop is:

  1. Apologies for shameful lack of attendance
  2. Review Minutes of last Pow Wow
  3. Big Chief's Report (summary of last year, proposals/dates for the next year & Fascinating Facts Quiz)
  4. Finance Meister's Report
  5. Review the any of the above, of the Objects of the group, & Subscriptions & Membership
  6. Review any Proposed Amendments to "The Magnificent Charter".
  7. Election of Officers
  8. A.O.B.
  9. Group Meal - Veg or Meat Chile - you will be asked your preference in advance
We hereby give notification of a call for nominations for the Inner Circle of Magnificent Representatives and an amendment to the Magnificent Constitution.  All sounds a bit serious but it is very worthy stuff and helps the group run as smoothly as it does - "cat herding" 30+ blokes is never easy, it helps to be a bit organized.

Currently we have these officers of The Inner Circle:

  • the “Big Chief” (Chairbloke and Chief Instigator)
  • one or two “Little Chiefs” (Vice Instigators)
  • a “Scribe” (Secretary or Record Keeper)
  • a “Finance  Meister” (Treasurer)
  • a Memorabilia Meister” responsible for T-Shirts and other items of memorabilia
  • a “Music Meister” responsible for maintaining a library of songs, words and music.
The “Principal Choir Meister” (Choirmaster) is appointed by the Inner Circle and is a member of the Inner Circle ex-officio.

The Inner Circle and/or Principal Choir Meister may nominate additional “Deputy Choir Meisters” (a.k.a. Section Leaders) to lead sessions when the Principal Choir Meister is not able to be present or simply wishes to delegate musical matters*.

We are letting it be known that we welcome nominations for any of these posts and in addition:
  • Art Meister (to produce Posters and other Art Work)
  • Local Media Officer (to liaise with local media TV & Radio, village magazines & papers)
  • Regional and National Media Officer (the above but beyond the local)
  • Gig Meister #1 Gig Meister  #2 (to do leg work organizing gigs)
  • Web Meister #1 and Web Meister #2 (to organize all the webstuff and a Deputy)
We anticipate some of these may be appointed in an honorary capacity, ie to someone not a current member of the group.  These are all voluntary post with no payment other than satisfaction of a job well done and maybe the occasional beer from the Group kitty.  However, before you get any ideas of lavish knees ups, any expenditure needs to be ratified by a majority of the Inner Circle and will be published in the accounts, so any expensive jollies will be noticed and the miscreants brought to book.

Appointees will be expected to attend a minimum of four meetings held per year scheduled once a quarter, most likely after a Workshop, to discuss Magnificent matters, decide what to do and get on with doing it in a timely fashion.

Basically, most of the guys have been doing their posts for a couple of years and at the very least we need to shuffle the pack so if you have some time and skills to offer and would like to play a part in running the group then step forward.  It is NOT a huge commitment, is good fun and the reward is seeing the group flourish under your influence.

We also need to change the Magnificent Constitution so that we can have more achievable dates for the End of Year and Pow Wow.  To view the current version click here.

Right, that is enough serious stuff for a while.  There is still a little bit more info* to come out this next week and the one beyond about the Pow Wow and other plans, but not much more now you will be relieved to know.

Yours, in mutual brotherly admiration
The Magnificent AK47 Inner Circle

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