Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Full English

Another tasty nugget from that nice young man on the radio, Mark Radcliffe and his, that there, Folk Show regaling us with The Full English, a majorly significant project, about which you can learn more at

Listening to the show they played a piece call "Man In The Moon" which was based on words salvaged from oblivion by Alfred Williams, the "Hammerman Poet", known to several members of our group and a regular local hero.  A snippet of the show appears to be available here.

Full information about our growing connection with Alfred's legacy will escape over time as certain plots are hatched and progress beyond mere "pubtalk".

Reading through the blurb on the Full English website it really is a remarkable resource and voluminous archive, one of which our members will be encouraged to plunder in the quest for material relevant to our burgeoning repetoire and needs of BlokeFest (more on the 2014 version soonish).

Everyone should cherish this resource and also consider patronising the gigs that are scheduled including one nearby(ish) in that there Bristol Town at the Colston Hall - see

Do drop us a line at if you are interested in attending as we may well be semi-organizing a "Class Outing" for the gang to go along in an Elliison's charabanc - more on a more local possible "Class Outing" and top Ukranian singing soon.

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