Friday, 19 September 2014

Pow and Wow!

The Magnificent AK47 clambered back into action last Sunday, reaching unprecedented heights of activity, quite literally. . . from the top of a Windmill!

The blokes kicked off their new season seranading Wilton Windmill at one of their occasional open days, close by to this year's BlokeFest.  Luckily for the somewhat startled throng that was gathered abouts, most of their performance at the bottom of the windmill rather than the rather cramped upper rooms.  

And after wowwing the audience with their first couple of songs, receiveing a rapturous reception from the cake and tea swilling mob, as well as demands from elderly ladies to photograph blokes in their finery of their Magnificent T-Shirt, "because you are great", it nearly went to the blokes' head.  However, luckily they were brought down to earth by not quite remembering their new pieces and having to nip round the back and have a quick impromptu rehearsal, reviving cuppa, then to storm back into give a rousing rendition for the second half.

To be fair to them, they had only started learning the pieces earlier that week so it was quite an achievement to even half remember them!  And this and other progress was bourne out by some of the comments from our belov├ęd ChoirMeister during review of the year made as part of the Pow Wow that followed our windmill experience.

The Pow Wow (AGM to more conventional types) took place in the darkened drinking den that is The Bruce Arms, which was the actual location for BlokeFest.  It was extremely well attended and covered some healthy and hearty discussions about activities in the past year and plans for the coming months and into the next year and even a little beyond.  There was much passing of motions (in an administrative, procedural sense you understand) and proposing and seconding of blokes for posts to help with the orderly running of the machine behind the music.

All in all another Magnificent day out, soon to be followed by many more adventures around these parts, so keep tuned in for more news of serious silliness to come.

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