Saturday, 11 October 2014

Shiver your timbers!

Lock up your drinks cabinets and prepare your lug'oles for a sonic spectacle and your peep'oles for a visual feast of Pirate finery and much more at The Magnificent AK47 lumber into the big city to play their part in the Song Raids for Bristol Festival of Song down in the historic docklands.

Sunday 12th October - Harbourside & City Song Raids
Song Raids are a Gathering Voices speciality! In the style of the contemporary flash mob, in locations across the city centre and harbourside - look out for for some of the city's (and surrounding area's) finest acappella talent (and us!) offering intimate performances, just for you...

The blokes can be seen in action 
Aboard "Matthew" at 12:30 - that should be something to see - Pirates in their element!!
Harbour Trains around 12:50
Millennium Square for 13:10
"M Shed" at 13:50

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