Wednesday, 11 July 2012

What is the collective noun for Blokes?

So, the question has been asked and there have been a number of answers but what do you think?  

Just what is the collective noun for a ..... of Blokes?

This is an interesting question on many levels and we strive to answer the quest.

Some suggestions so far include:
  • A Lump (a bit disrespectful? or just plain appropriate?)
  • A Shed (along the right lines)
  • A Flagon (hail and hearty)
  • A "Harmony" (hmmm!)
  • A Profundity (like the thinking)
  • An Absurdity (apparently this came from a non-bloke, hah)
Let us know, preferably by leaving a comment so you can add to this thread in place.


  1. Here are some more suggestions that arrived by e-mail:
    A Toster (referencing the hormone that defines us)
    A Blunder (although one witty fellow has pointed out that this is already the collective noun for buses)
    A Gut (more disrespectful that a Lump, but many of us will identify with the inspiration)
    A Yoke (another non-bloke converted this to Joke, pah)

  2. How about a Brotherhood of Blokes
    or Broth of Blokes
    or Frat of Blokes

  3. I have been reliably informed by Sarah, that it is a "Brothel of Blokes"

  4. I did wonder if it might be a "Thicket" or possibly "Thickit" depending on the emphasis that is intended.

  5. Surely it has to be 'bar-full'.....!

  6. Peter Battrick12 July 2012 at 17:37

    A Shedload of Blokes

  7. Perhaps we should be called .......

    "A Load of Old Boleks"

    Spelling was never my forte.

  8. I should have thought it earlier: an aggregate of blokes.
    Or a cementation of blokes (though that does sound a little dodgy ...)

  9. Just got back from Czech Republic so am not up to speed with this seminal project.
    What about "a consolidation"?

  10. Usually, when a lot of men get together, it's called a war.

  11. Another anonymous21 July 2012 at 21:24

    Ooooooooohhhhhh! (to rhyme with you and chew)

  12. Usually?
    When this group of men get together Anonymous, we usually sing (and drink beer)!

  13. There was that tug-of-war at BlokeFest ...

  14. Yes. You're right. On that occasion, however, Ashton Keynes beat the Rest of the World, which just goes to show how truly magnificent we are. Hurrah!