Saturday, 21 March 2015

From Cat herding to Reindeer herding - A Magnificent Tour awaits

Manoeuvering the lumbering mass of man-ness that is The Magnificent AK47 when out and about around the countryside can be quite a logistical challenge.   30+ blokes muttering about not singing enough / having to sing too much, being hungry / being overfed often within the same breath and occasionally from the same bemused bloke.  It can be quite a challenge for the harangued so-called (semi) organizers.  

But maybe no more...  our inspiring CartoonMeister has recently come up with a suggestion of controlling the gang through the medium of song which combines with the opportunity to sneak in some practice.  Genius!

And this technique is likely to be called upon as the blokes embark on their first long weekend outing on a Mini-Tour to Cornwall this coming April - more info soon.

1 comment:

  1. I can see issue. Four of us is bad enough. Hope you all have a wonderful time and knock the hooves off 'em.xx Celia of the Fanfare of Strumpets xx