Saturday, 13 February 2016

Are you a robust singer?

Are you interested in "robust singing" like this lot above?  

This recently received 


I am trying to gauge  the interest for a robust song session at the Stroud Subscription Rooms, say once a month.

One of the reasons for looking at this is to get together a cadre of singers for events such as the Stroud Wassail and Stroud Folk Weekend.   The aim is to try and attract both those who already sing and those who would like to.  So the aim is to do group singing without feeling like another community choir.

Too this end I anticipate that the repertoire might include Gloucestershire folk songs, sea shanties, music hall songs and soldiers songs.  For example:
  • Hey John Barleycorn
  • Tom’s gone
  • Dark and dreamy eyes (Soldiers Wife)
  • Do you want us to lose the war?
  • Lily the Pink
  • John Kanakanaka

Would any of you be at all interested in working with us on this?   You are probably the best known group of robust singers in the county.

Please let me know what you think

Robin Burton"

Email and we will forward on to Robin and look forward to hearing the results, maybe even when we go to Stroud for our very own workshop and gig this coming April, see

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