Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Lost in music?

"Losing yourself in a choral group can be a uniquely satisfying experience."  So says a recently spotted article reporting "More Evidence of the Psychological Benefits of Choral Singing
New research finds it fulfills deep-seated needs of bonding with a group."

As a bunch of misfits who gather together to collectively look "cool" in "Dad-joke-chic faux fancy dress" stylee, we can empathize (because beneath the bluff exterior, we are modern men so can do empathy because of our heightened unemotional intelligence) with this notion that singing in groups is good for you.

Anyway, don't believe us, see for yourself this coming Sunday at the rather lovely Victoria Hall in the town of Radstock.  

Our belov├ęd ChoirMeister will be leading a Sing Like a Bloke workshop starting at 14:30 followed at 19:30 by a performance from the full troupe doing a double set showcasing our firm favourites and newer numbers to an enthralled audience.

And have a read of the original article thanks to Alan H.

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