Friday, 30 September 2016

The Magnificent AK47 ride back into town for this year's Pow Wow

Lock up your drinks cabinets, The Magnificent AK47 are back in town!

Those rootin', tootin', hollerin' and cahootin' reprobates and "Plunders of the High Seas and Low Notes of BlokeSong" are back in the neighbourhood and all self-respecting village folks should be afeared for their exploits.

Luckily, they are really quite a nice bunch of blokes and only prone to high spirits, beyond those found in public house optics, in the form of singing in public whenever no one can quite stop them in time.

And so they will gather for for this year's Pow Wow, a thinly veiled AGM (but don't tell those of an operationally and administratively averse nature) with the blokes lured to a Workshop then forced to remain, possibly have a glass or two, and hear blokes waffle on about what a great year it has been (no really!) and what great plans we have for next year (and even beyond... yes, indeed).

It all kicks off after this coming Sunday's workshop in the Back Room of The White Hart Inn, so expect controversy, bitter in-fighting, and petty rivalries aplenty - but that's just to work out who's round it is, you understand...

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