Friday, 9 September 2016

Wending down South for the weekend to Sing Like a Pirate

And here we are... on the verge of another landmark event in the annals of Magnificent places we have sung... 

We've done concert halls, grottoes, caves, castles, windmills, ancient monuments, preaching circles, cliff tops and now finally a stage by the sea!

Tomorrow also marks our first participation in a Festival Parade to entice the audience along to our show by the sea and thence to our "Sing Like a Pirate" Workshop.

Here's our timetable in case you can make it along 

(Ignoring the horribly early start for Day Trippers...)

10:30 – Start to assemble as close to Langmoor Gardens & the top of Broad Street as possible 
11:00 – parade down the seafront
12:00 - NOON – performance on stage
13:00 - Fast lunch then
14:00 – WORKSHOP lead by Chris Samuel helped by The Magnificent AK47 at Langmoor Marquee just above the seafront stage, in the gardens, on top of the By the Bay restaurant
15:00 - After that you are into "Afters" territory and who knows what might happen

Enjoy the festival if you are coming and do pop along to say hello.

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