Sunday, 1 April 2018

The Magnificent AK47 as featured in The Sunday Times Magazine

It's always nice to get a bit of positive press coverage, and to be considered rather good by such an illustrious publication as The Sunday Times Magazine is even nicer to wake up to on a sunny Easter Morning as April dawns on us and the revelation that 'The Magnificent AK47-the poster boys of new wave #alt.mvc are going to be “Gigantic”!' is sprawled across the t'Interweb for all to read.

Whilst we shouldn't be totally surprised by the idea, it is quite a claim to be considered "poster boys" of anything, on multiple grounds - (1) the age of most of the blokes (2) the "look" of most of the blokes and (3) the general shambolic demeanour of the combination of 1 + 2, which somehow adds up to much more than 3...

Anyway, judge for yourself as you read the substance behind this outrageous claim - read more.

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