Saturday, 14 April 2018

Carry on up The Albert #2

It might have escaped your notice (Notice #1 Notice #2 Notice #3 Notice #4 Notice #5 ...) that a certain gentlemen's singing group is slipping across the county line to perform their subversive odes to 21st mid-life angst, amongst other cheery ditties, in the People's Republic of Stroud's annex of Rodborough, way up on the hill (or way down if you are coming from Minchinhampton) at the rather wonderful Prince Albert public house.

It'll be a cracker as the blokes hone themselves for their upcoming visit to the Cork International Choral Festival to get ready for the "craic", so early appearance to reserve your space is advised.

Use this information to help you find your way:  Telephone 01453 755600, The Prince Albert, Rodborough Hill, Stroud, GL5 3SS,

Carry on #alt.mvc.

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