Saturday, 14 May 2011

Wold Tour - Corsham Festival Gig is on -MONDAY 20TH June

We appear to be quorate for the Corsham Festival gig that Chris is organizing and given that we don't perform until 8:20pm or thereabouts it should mean that one or two others who were a little doubtful can make it.

Details are as follows

Location is St Bartholomew's Church which is very close to the Town Hall (for those who came last year).

Here's the Google Maps page - last year we parked just to the right of the map marker.

You'll notice The Flemish Weaver is marked - that's the pub, next to the Town Hall where we adjourned for a cleansing ale after our performance (and may well do so again).

The concert starts at 8.00pm but Chris will be kicking off with The Croutons (a 3 piece vocal group) so we will need to be ready to go on by 8.20pm.

You don't need tickets as performers. Tickets are available through the Pound Arts Centre and we're performing as part of the Festival Fringe.

We'll go through setlist etc when we meet up on June 5th which will be a full dress rehearsal - ie everyone to bring all their props and dancing legs and we'll figure out what we're doing together.

The gig is on MONDAY 20TH June the day after the Ashton Keynes Festival so we should be rehearsed to the max and may even remember all the words this time!

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