Friday, 7 October 2011

THE SINGING CURE - Weds 12th October

The Spookmeister returns for a workshop in Bristol

After this Summer’s sell-out Spooky Men’s Chorale Tour, Spookmeister Stephen Taberner returns to Bristol as part of the Gathering Voices Festival of Song to present a one-off journey into the various dimensions of musical ecstacy.

The workshop may include body and vocal percussion titbits, a choice Polynesian song, how to use blending to make a rabble into a luminous and angelic choir, a multi part pygmy extravaganza, secret ditties from the Spooky Men's Chorale (including tips on how to sob like a man), and maybe something infernally funky as well.

Stephen has an absurdly eclectic musical pedigree, and promises to ransack every musical area to give you a zingling tingling thingly feeling which will linger long after the evening has finished, and very probably an entirely irrational good regard for all humanity as well.

Workshop £10/£8 (students) only available on the door Weds 12th October

7.30 to 9.30pm

At The SoundWorks, Southville Methodist, Stackpool Road, Bristol BS3 1NW

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Stephen Taberner was born in New Zealand, but moved to Sydney where a perfectly unorthodox life as jazz double bass player and computer programmer was hijacked by an extended encounter with world music choir "Voices from the Vacant Lot". Before he knew it, he was a choirleader and then a singing songwriting double bass player.

As a massed choir leader Stephen is best known for his work with the Choral Sea in Sydney (1996 and 1998), and the Millennium Chorus in Melbourne (2004-6) and he is also notorious for his leadership of the Spooky Men's Chorale, which he formed in 2001. He currently directs the Spookies and three community choirs in Melbourne and conducts an increasingly bewildering programme of singing or songwriting workshops throughout Australia and the UK.

Thanks to our Magnificent Choirmeister Chris Samuel for tipping us off about this.

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