Thursday, 6 October 2011

Where were you? Dr Sweeney on dry land

An entry from DR Sweeney although we are not sure if he was on the way to or from swimming the channel when the picture was taken.

The shot apparently shows him standing at a junction of three London postcodes and in the distant back ground you can just make out the Gherkin building.

Scoring is as follows:

1. The Location - 3 (interesting intersection of Postal areas, must be pretty karmic)

2. The Pose - 3 (not as pointlessly grandiose as he could be given but then he is in the centre of London so doesn't want to be looking too out of place)
3. The X-Factor - 3.5 - (we like the oppressive buildings bearing down on him and the use of Double Red lines to keep the near background clear of cars)

Making 9.5 - not bad.

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