Monday, 17 October 2011

Where were you? With Jordan??!

An entry from "Absent Bob", off on another one of his "archaeology expeditions" which we suspect is code for industrial espionage . . .

Anyway, his cover story goes "Al Jafr Air Base in Jordan, standing in front of a Huey (805) which we use for doing our aerial archaeology.

The rest of team thought I was mad - taking off my shirt to reveal the T shirt"

1. The Location - 4.0 (wow, Jordan! But no visible signage a irrefutable proof so unfortunately docked 0.5 points)
2. The Pose - 4.5 (looking as pointlessly grandiose as you can do in that heat wearing a black T-shirt, but he does have some impressive shades on to shield him from the desert glare)
3. The X-Factor - 4.5 - (a helicopter to match his T-shirt - top qualities)

Making 13.0-
a very high score indeed - can anybody trump a helicopter?

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