Saturday, 5 November 2011

Where were you? Sprog in the fog

If you look very closely you might see a small, child like creature in the middle of this impressive rockage. If you look even closer with the aid of some magnifying software to expand the pixels you might make out the nature of the print on the T-shirt to be the increasingly well travelled TMAK47 logo.

The T-Shirt wearing person in question is a mini Magnificent, Tomas son of Lars, or Larsson as he is known in their Swedish homeland which is where this photo was taken at the height of the Swedish summer, covered in fog! However with no signs in sight we will have to take his word for it although he does suggest visiting the location at As Lars mentioned in this message with the photo "the fact that Tomas is far away and small, just highlights the magnificence of the wild nature."

So, to the scores

1. The Location - 3.0 (impressive rock formation and allegedly in a foreign country but, another photo with no visible signage of irrefutable proof of the location so unfortunately docked 0.5 points)

2. The Pose - 3.0 (good use of waving arms as he is so faraway from the camera but somewhat difficult to make out if there is an expression of pointless grandeur or not)

3. The X-Factor - 3.0 - (fog in Summer brings back so many happy childhood memories for us all)

Making 9.0-
making the highest scoring entry from someone waving on a rock formation in northern Europe that has yet been received.

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