Sunday, 1 April 2012

Your very own Magnificent Action Figure

After the run away success of this year's The Magnificent AK47 Calendar and the Spring Collection T-Shirt range, a C.AM.E.L. (Committee Authorised with Management Executive Level powers) was instigated lead by Dr Sweeney to explore the options for other merchandising opportunities.

After many hours hard work with focus groups, in depth discussions (and probably far too much time spent in pubs) the team are proud to unveil their creation on the eagerly awaiting public, our very own Magnificent AK47 Action Figure, Pirate Pete.

This is model is planned to be the first of a number of limited edition figurines designed to celebrate the manliness of our singing collective. The figures come with their own set of accessories, including minature tankards and also come with pull chord that will result in the merry lad piping up with a chorus or two of some of our classics. Pirate Pete leading the way with a rousing "Haul Away Joe" and other phrases.

These priceless memorabilia will not be available in shops or any other retail channels and will only be available for a special limited time period.

Don't delay, pre-order yours now before the offer ends 1st April 2012!

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