Thursday, 12 April 2012

Two Blokes in a truck

Some times we do wonder, what it is that makes Blokes do the things they do. Is it the need to return to their primeval roots and satisfy that wanderlust or just a good reason to escape the daily grind of modern living?

Whatever the reason, the opportunity came up for Big Mike to join the truly inspiring party animal / master engineer that is his big mate Tony of Wootton-under-Edge on a once in a lifetime trip to the wilds of Morocco in a massive truck. (Ok some of you might know about Mike's other recent once in lifetime trip to Morocco on a massive motor bike, but that was different, right?!!)

We are expecting some magnificent "Where were you when" T-Shirt competition entries and you can see some sneak previews by heading over to their very own blog at We hope the trip continues to go well and look forward to seeing Mike back safe and sound once again.

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