Saturday, 14 April 2012

A study in concentration

Ah! Doesn't Nick look angelic? His mum would be proud. Big Mike on the other hand looks a little like he may have been asked to reach a note that is just a little too high and is thinking "you have to be having a laugh" and considering it a "bit of a no go, mate"!

This study in concentration was taken at this year's St Christopher's gig and was forwarded on to us by Chris A from his mighty collection of Bloke Moments captured on camera. We hope to publish a few more like these to our flickr account for your delight and viewing edification at some point and if any of you out there have any others you would like to share then please let us know via

Go on, make someone else's mum proud of her singing bloke of a son.


P.S. Post initial post (if you follow that) edit, the photo was merely cropped by Chris A from a collection of photos posted by Chris S at but thanks to anyone named Chris all the same!

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