Thursday, 26 July 2012

Tunnel Inn Revisited

Well, there has been an impressive response from many blokes to the call to the brotherhood to return to the Tunnel Inn to sing on this coming Sunday at their Beer & Cider Festival and to help the process we have finally managed to get round to posting some new rehearsal material.

The audio tracks for Delilah and Dry Stone Waller's Song can be found at and the regular TMAK47 rehearsal material can be found at

Other examples of BlokeFest audio can be found at

Also available on request (just send us an email) are the Magnificent AK47 Songbook and the relevant BlokeFest pieces.  Please bring your own copy along.  Note that we will make a special exception from our usual stance of "no crib sheets whilst performing, learn the songs properly . . . " so that crib sheets may on this occasion be used for Delilah and Dry Stone Waller's song (but nowt else!).

Please note there may be a last minute Quality Assurance threshold applied to maintain our "reputation" (whatever that is) so don't be too disappointed if the pieces don't quite come together in time and get pulled at the eleventh hour.

Looking forward to seeing quite a crowd there and the weather is due to hold out . . . just!

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