Thursday, 12 July 2012

Wiltshire Wailers Recordings

More proof, if proof were really necessary, that our merry band of blokes are continuing to sound "almost quite good".  Despite being only half their normal girth because of various other commitments, our valiant AK14 managed to make it to the rather swish Civic Centre and hurriedly convened a pre-performance huddle and quick sing through to warm themselves up suitably for a large, possibly our largest yet, audience in the modern auditorium.

The recordings can be found at and are quite quiet and have taken a bit of post-production (also known as "fiddling with") to make them louder but listening to them on headphones or a decent stereo (or whatever they are called nowadays) should provide some surprisingly high quality results, just be careful not to have the volume up too loud in Duct Tape Madrigal when the taping starts!

We plan a later post on the kit being used to make these recordings and hope to tweak things for next time as we listen and learn.

A gig report may be forthcoming at some point as well and DVDs of the event are available from Chris Samuel at

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