Sunday, 28 October 2012

Barn Theatre gig - The Vly and other Wold premiers

What a fantastic evening!  

There are any number of highlights but let's start at the beginning with the enchanting Kids from Kingshill School busking away in the entrance hall thrashing away at their Ukuleles and banging out modern ditties and timeless classics with equal aplomb and sweet harmony - a really excellent addition to the evening's entertainment and they raised quite a bit of cash in the process too!

Cirencester Community Choir were also tremendously enthusiastic and enjoyable and put on wonderful performance that was thoroughly enjoyed by all in the hall.

As as for The Magnificent AK47, not only was it a "coming out" gig as was let slip in the Introduction but the whole arsenal of entertaining paraphernalia at their disposal were trotted out, to much amusement and amazement - so many hats and props AND some decent singing as well to top it all, plus the Wold Premier of "The Vly", pictured above in a "Spot the ball" style.

Having heard much of the recordings made of the evening it really can't be stressed too much what a wonderful sound is emerging from the Blokes, well beyond their own belief in their powers and an indication of just how much our beloved ChoirMeister was impressed was by his inadvertent reference to the Spoo. . . Magnificent WAGs!

Well done all - enjoy the moment.

Match Report
Chris S lead The following blokes 

Chris A, Peter B, Ken B, Neil B, Geoff C, Brian D, Mark F, Lars F, John G, Mike G, Stuart H, Martin H, Trevor H, Bill H, Alan H, Jon H, John  M, Mike P, Darren S, David T, Mark T, Angus V, Ade W, John  W

Who sang the following songs rather well on the whole

Let me through
Just because
Turnip Hoer's
Duct Tape
Alone in my shed
Haul away Joe

Second half -

Dry Stone Waller's
And I love her
John Kanaka


Down in the river

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