Thursday, 20 June 2013

200 Up!

Who would have thought when we started this "thing" that ended up being called THE Magnificent AK47 that we would end up having a website, let along a blog that has now been going for over two years, and that we would still be going strong that the blog thing would be going even stronger at 200 postings!  Not us for one. . . 

So, for fact fans everywhere, here are some Magnificent facts:

200 postings in 800 days(ish) the blog has been going = 1 posting every 4 days or so - pretty good for a bunch of pot-bellied blokes from North, North Wiltshire - who would have thought there was that much to say . . . in truth we have such a backlog of material it is quite shameful, but we'll get over it, and get round to it, eventually.

More facts - we have had :

T-Shirts across the globe
Our very own spoof action figure
Two calendars
One Wold Tour
2 sets of T-Shirts
2 BlokeFests (Woo Hoo!)
2 proper movies
2 Spooky Gigs
So many of our own gigs we ran out of fingers and toes counting

And we are still going.  
Here's to many, many more hours of fun.


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