Saturday, 15 June 2013

Why don't men join choirs . . .

If you were ever to casually google the phrase "the magnificent ak47 guardian" then from yesterday you might well come across this piece in The Guardian involving our very own beloved Choir Meister blabbering to the national press about the joys of song among grown ups, and in particular those of a blokey kind.

This must pass as our first mention in national press so could be considered up there in the "quite exciting" category of all the great things we have done in the past few years.

Of course this comes as no secret to us and our loyal readership, we know only full well the huge number of benefits from joining in and singing, there is the prevention of m..., um, what was I going to mention??  

Anyway, you can't put a price on the sheer back of your neck hair raising experience that is singing to a room full of people whilst wearing a wig or a series of hats so that even your own mother would be hard pressed to pick you out from the crowd, even though she would be gushing with pride at the part her offspring was playing in making such a sonically spectacular sound.

Yes, we know a thing or two about men singing, and will continue to do it, despite the stigma and the hurdles we have to overcome.  All power to your elbow Chris!  Sing on!!

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