Friday, 14 June 2013

BlokeFest Starts today

So, the wait is finally over, we have packed our kit bags, checked that we still have a tent that needed repairing last time we used it, but it should survive, won't it??  The second annual event of the largest 
gathering in the BlokeSong calendar in the UK is about to take place.

Unusually for an English Summer the weather is not looking too good so the organizers are recommending that everyone bring brollies and wellies.

Cheering up though, there is the prospect of meeting up with chums from around the country, learning old songs and new songs, meeting new blokes,  all with a dash of ale and general bonhommie.

Hopefully the rain won't dampen the spirits of the Father's Day Late Lunch and all will be well.

For much more information you should visit their  informative and amusing website.

Upon arrival the blokes will be able to snap up the rather marvelous BlokeFest souvenir T-Shirts and Pint Glasses and we are sure there will be many more reports to be had in the forthcoming days and weeks.

Now, where did I put my Duct Tape to repair the tent?  

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