Saturday, 22 February 2014

BlokeFest 2014 cranks into action

"BlokeFest cranks into action" shocker according to a recently spotted update on

At long last, we hear you say . . . what have they been doing??!!  

Well, to be fair, with our insider knowledge we can reveal that they have been busy behind the scenes plotting during the long winter nights and are about to emerge butterfly-like from their chrysalis to flutter around and enliven the summer with their beauty and delicate ways.

A more believable image is that they are about to emerge "bear-like" from their pit of a cave and collective slumber, scratching their nether regions, yawning and stretching before launching into devastating action to produce this year's event that promises to have More Men! More Singing! More Stuff!

Check out the updates and complete the Expression of Interest form at the bottom of the page to get ahead of the rest of the blokes to have a better chance to secure your place when they finally open up official registration.

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