Monday, 24 February 2014

Spotted at the BBC 2 Folk Awards 2014

Did you enjoy the BBC 2 Folk Awards 2014 the other night?  If you are lucky to have one of those modern colour tellies that have a "magic red button" you might have been able to bear witness to the spectacular that had luminaries like The Full English who feature an Alfred Williams song on their album.

If you were even luckier you might well have actually been there in person to witness the return of the, er, magnificent Fisherman's Friends after their tragic events a while back.  

And we know someone who was that lucky man, namely Chris Samuel, sat here in the audience with his good lady wife and captured as the camera swept round the audience during Fisherman's Friends rendition of our popular shanty "North North Wiltshire", which they have nattily re-titled "South Australia" to help ingratiate themselves with that particular market*.

Can you spot him?  And whose T-Shirt is he wearing . . . ?

* P.S. On checking our facts much of that sentence may not be completely accurate - the bit about Fishermen's Friends and South Australia.

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