Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Friday Night is Music Night #2

FNIMN Friday Night is Music Night cranks back into action...

Still fed up of Friday nights in watching BBC4?  Still waking up having fallen asleep in front of a documentary about aged Rock Stars?  

Wish you had made it along to Friday Night is Music Night (FNIMN) #1?

After yet more muttering and "pubtalk" (and some action) we had the first FNIMN and people are keen for more, especially after the singing on the bus, sorry, coach on the way back from the Colston Hall gig.

The basic idea is still very simple, to provide a format for people to meet up in the Back Room of The White Hart, learn a few new songs and sing a few old ones.

The approach will be very informal with a couple of blokes acting as Meisters of Ceremony, coaxing people through a warm up then teach a new song, sing some others, teach another song and then sing a bit more.  

Sheets with the worms and tadpoles (words and music) will be provided.

Open to all who would like the excuse to go down the pub and sing a bit, so bring along WAGs & FoBaFoBs (Friends of Blokes and Family of Blokes).

We will aim to start around 20:30 and see how it goes.  So be there, and be at the start of something possibly, er, Magnificent.

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