Saturday, 30 August 2014

Back to School!

As we rapidly approach September it is indeed back to school for us as we return from the Summer recess, re-invigorated, raring to go and prepare for another bumper Autumnal season of Magnificent Adventures.

And we will quite literally be "Going back to School" as one of the continuing improvements to the way we do things is the introduction of Midweek Workshops on some selected Wednesday evenings, planned to be held in the Ashton Keynes School Village hall. 

This will take us back to our very first gathering over six years ago now and will provide us the opportunity to squeeze in some extra rehearsal time, which has been a constant request pretty much since we started!

In order to make the most of those sessions we have re-jigged the way we hold our Practice Pieces and these can now be found at - current members will be allocated a login and prospective members* will also be granted access to plunder this treasure chest of all things BlokeSong to help them get up to speed.  You might also like to download the Box app for PC or SmartPhone to help you play the material or simply download and transfer to your favourite MP3 player - all very modern and hi-tech but it saves some poor soul having to bang out CDs that then get out of date.

And do have a look at the Dates Page to familiarize yourself with the list of events and maybe even subscribe to our Google Calender for

We look forward to another grand season of Magnificent Adventures with The Wold Tour and several other highlights to come.

*Please note - The Inner Circle have let it be known that we are open to Blokes who attended BlokeFest and therefore familiar with upcoming material letting us know that they are open to being invited along for consideration of membership - please contact for more info.

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