Monday, 25 August 2014

Shed Fest Success for The AKsionals

Festival fun on this latest Bank Holiday Sunday included the further adventures of The AKsionals who were pressed into action this weekend when our valiant lads ventured forth at the aforementioned "Shed Fest" at The Potting Shed pub in nearby Crudwell.

Everyone of the dozen or so blokes made the trek from SN6 to SN16 did so with some trepidation given a lack of rehearsal time and one or two late withdrawals, but like the experience troupe that they are they were able to circle the proverbial wagons and bond together for a final impromptu run through beneath some trees opposite the pub.  Despite still being drowned out by the noise of the band that was currently occupying the stage, the lads knuckled down to their preparation and managed to add two more songs their set whilst drawing a modicum of applause from a passer by, which buoyed their spirits before the show.

Storming the stage in front of a sizeable audience the blokes were their usual total contrast to other acts performing during the course of the afternoon.  They regaled the crowd with tales of fine Wiltshire yeomanry, dry stone walling, Vegetable growing contests, singing heartfelt ballad to the event's (rather nervous) lady organizer and rounding things off with a rousing Georgian toasting song.

The fruits of their labour can be heard on the tracks on the Soundcloud playlist below, and they show evidence of comments from long suffering family members that they sounded "not bad, all things considered"

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