Saturday, 9 August 2014

We will remember their names

Well, that was quite an evening to remember!  

Everyone who was present at the World War 1 Commemorative Event in Cirencester Parish Church this Friday 8th August 2014 witnessed an extraordinary piece of musical theatre.

Linked together in a narrative that weaved monologues, poems, action scenes along with some seriously brilliant vocal performances, the evening raced by as we were transported back to the heady first days of the war through to its culmination.  The whole show had been put together in two days by the absurdly talented youngsters from MJ-UK Music & Arts and was full of drama, famous tunes and staggering facts about what people went through during that momentous period of history.

Lending a hand were The Magnificent AKsionals, a motley crew of blokes plucked from the ranks of the The Magnificent AK47 regulars and Swindon Scratch Choir, who managed to transform themselves from never having rehearsed together three weeks ago to being a very creditable sound.

"Dad's Army" references might be a little unkind as our valiant lads more than did themselves proud when surrounded by the young talent, and the chaps contributed superbly with some heart rending performances of their songs, opening with a stirring, yet controlled version of "Blood and Gold" and following that with an emotional rendering of "And the Band played Waltzing Matilda", with some tremendous solos and duets.

"Only Remembered" was the final piece of the evening and was quite spine tinglingly good with the hard work learning harmonies thoroughly paying off - a very fitting way to close the show.

Not that you need to take our word for it, you can hear for yourself by visiting the links to the recordings of the lads in action.

Everyone who took part should be rightly pleased with themselves and the tremendously dramatic show they produced in such a short time.  A very fitting commemoration of the events of so long ago - they shall not be forgotten.

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