Wednesday, 18 February 2015

A Magnificent Wolf Hall connection

Those avid students of history amongst you will be enthralled to know that a new BBC drama has been gracing the TV screens of this fair land that pays homage to our very own Magnificent history.

Particularly keen students of said Magnificent history will have noted in the first couple of episodes that the sound track has lifted one of our earlier period pieces from, er, one of our earlier periods, for their own nefarious purposes.  

In episodes one and two of Wolf Hall the fine lilt of "Ah Robin" can be heard adding Tudor tunefulness to the production prompting us to rummage through our back catalog to resurrect the piece anew so we can perform it at our upcoming gig in Malmesbury Saturday 28th February with those wonderful acapellistas "The Croutons".

The blokes have asked that the audience be put on standby for the appearance of Tudor Hats, but in turn the blokes have been warned by those allegedly in some sort of responsible capacity within the group that all non-regulation codpieces will be confiscated for the safety of the audience and our reputation.

Trawl through the episodes on the BBC iPlayer at and we look forward so regaling you with Tudor splendour in ancient Malmesbury very soon - see poster below


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