Monday, 9 February 2015

The VERY Magnificent sounding...

As it is not every day that we are name checked on national radio we are sure you will forgive us a little indulgence of basking in the fact for a few more hours and feeling rather excited that we were indeed mentioned BBC Radio 3's The Choir program and described by a very knowledgeable lady as sounding "very magnificent"!

You can hear for yourself if you point your Worldly Wise browsing device (as the young people apparently call it) towards to hear a very full and comprehensive report of the Voices Now preparations that we had the great pleasure to attend the other weekend.

They rather conveniently have little markers indicating the principal sections of the show and you can find the report on the Voices Now preparations from the 2nd marker.  

For those of you who particularly like to get to the point where you hear about your humble singers, then slide towards roundabout 11 mins and 32 seconds and you will hear a mystery voice from a mystery member of our mysterious group declaiming the fact that we are not "The AK47", we "THE Magnificent AK47".  (Cheers Doug!)

And judge for yourself with the rather splendid snippet from Delilah.  More news about Voices Now preparations emerging soon.

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