Sunday, 1 February 2015

Voices Now & Roundhouse Round up

A fantastic mass gathering at The world famous Roundhouse of "15 of the most exciting choirs in the country" and The Magnificent AK47 were there too!

It was all part of the day long preparations for the 2015 Voices Now which you can read all about on our Twitter Feed at

Choirs included our brothers in song, Chaps Choir, the hearty The B.I.G Choir, a fabulous Boyband 60 boys from Rhodes Avenue Primary School who stole everyone's hearts, the very impressive Green Street Blues, our friends from the immense Gurt Lush, the rather good Holst Singers, the excellent Roundhouse Choir, the Sheffield Young Singers who performed a cracking piece, the startling Veda Slovena Bulgarian Choir, who like us have also graced The Convent and many, many more

And  much of this was captured by Sara Mohr-Pietsch from BBC Radio 3's excellent The Choir on Sunday afternoons and a programme we will be featuring a bit more in the future.

You can hear a rather rough recording of the blokes in action to give you a flavour of the event and see loads more on our Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Another Magnificent day out and here's to the main event (if we are invited back...!)

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  1. And we would be...( don't tell me, it's on the tip o'me tongue, woss the word?) magnolia! Great and knackering day men, thank you.