Monday, 20 July 2015

Magnificent year so far, Spooky Summer ahead

We can't help feeling a little pleased with ourselves within the small world of The Magnificent AK47 because 2015 has so far, been "more than quite good" to re-quote(ish) one of our number.  

Not that we are getting above ourselves but landmarks like our show stealing at The Roundhouse, our very first multi-date international tour, being on TWO national radio stations, several sell out gigs and the part we played in THE best ever BlokeFest.  

Anyway, more soon(ish) when we conduct a more extensive mid-year review and announce what we are plotting for later in the year, but for now we can all feel a little chuffed with ourselves in having brought a little something special into the world as we settle into our summer recess and brace ourselves for another Spooky Summer as the Big Daddies of BlokeSong, The Spooky Men's Chorale, lurch back into the UK.  More info from their website at

More very soon, but do brace yourselves!!

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