Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Shhhh... Secret Axis of Spook pop-up choir uncovered, possibly

Spotted and snapped as evidence by an undercover reporter in a secret location in a major conurbation in the South West of England, a number of Magnificent AK47 blokes were seen consorting with around 170 other so-called "singers" preparing by stealth for something happening somewhere at some point in the very near future (at least at time of writing it was in the future).

The fact that the Spooky Men's Chorale were also seen in the vicinity and they are giving a concert in the same said city the same week can merely be construed as co-incidental fact.

We can say no more other than if you book to come to the gig via the website at http://www.colstonhall.org/shows/spooky-mens-chorale/, you may see something along these lines ....

But remember, you didn't hear this from us, right?


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